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“Some will stay in the periphery, whilst others will rise to the occasion in heated fervor. Georgia Reed may just be part of the latter group, bursting forth and leaving an impression on punters who hear her music or attend one of her shows.”       

 – Joe Wilson, Music Insight

Georgia Reed’s broody, alluring voice has been turning heads and captivating audiences since she dropped her debut single ‘Waiting For You To Run’ in 2016. Her speedy rise to the spotlight has seen her earn regular spins on Australian National Radio, Music Video premieres from the likes of RollingStone, and adds to Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ Playlist.


A songwriter with a penchant for dark, moodier sounds and cryptic storytelling, Reed references personal experiences of alienation, abuse, and heartbreak with such magnetism that is hard to ignore. 

 “Reed has definitely set herself apart."

– Atwood Magazine US

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